Moviecast #1

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First Half: Summer 2012 movies including Prometheus, The Avengers, Ted, The Amazing Spider-man, and many others.

Second Half: SPOILERS for ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ and a discussion of the Nolan trilogy.

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Written by Glenn Percival

Glenn Percival

Just a guy that loves games, movies, Golf, Football, and Baseball.

Podcast Co-Host, Editor-in-Chief, Video Producer, and whipping-boy

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  • noahb16

    The title is “Moviecast #1”. Will there be more moviecasts?

    • There are no plans at this time, but you never know, and I like to be prepared 😉

  • Nice Moviecast! I really loved Batman’s Trilogy and I really liked Avengers but I feel like the more I see Avengers the more problems I have with it; the more I see Batman Dark Knight Rises the more I like it. ***SPOILERS ABOUT BATMAN AND AVENGERS**
    About what you guys mentioned about Batman:
    1) I felt like the big final battle was actually when the people charged not the battle with Bane; which in my opinion justifies the idea of Batman being a symbol for the people of Gotham City.
    2) The bomb wasn’t detonated earlier because it was a possible source of energy that could change the world. They had the hope of find a way to control it. I’m surprised how many critics complained about this aspect when Bruce Wayne explains it for 3 minutes during the movie.
    3) As Glenn mentioned I just can’t imagine another trilogy that let me so satisfied after watching the ending and I’m including Star Wars. Meaning do you want to talk about anticlimactic-endings? What about the Universe gets saved by teddy bears?
    4) Favorite “gasping moments”? When Catwoman turns and the Batcycle’s wheels turn 360 degrees and when John Blake reveals his real name. That was the loudest public gasping in a cinema that I can remember.
    About Avengers:
    1) I really disliked Coulson’s dead, the way he died it was just not dramatic enough for me (making a joke before he dies?)
    2) Thor’s attitude during this movie really annoyed me. He stayed the whole movie saying that “his brother can be saved”.Maybe I’m just too critic because it’s one of my favorite Marvel characters but I felt like he was whining about his brother the whole movie.
    Anyway, awesome Moviecast, I know you guys are really busy but it would be awesome to have an Moviecast episode once in a while.

  • The 5 month detonation of the bomb was what was annoying man. If anyone couldn’t understand that this was the EXACT amount of time a certain crime fighter would need to recover from a broken back… it was too obvious. And Bane pretty much ran out of ideas at this point in the film. I think a lot of these problems I’ll be able to gloss over and accept – I just can’t do it as quickly as Glenn or most of the fans could. I still think that it’s Nolan’s sloppiest film – and I rewatch his movies all the time.

  • Thanks for the positive response Pablo. I think with the bomb portion of DKR it was the five month countdown, and how obvious that was, and how Nolan sort of fudged over the passing of time during the final act, that bugged me. Bane is pretty much out of ideas at this point in the movie. Giving credence to The Joker’s statement: I’m just a dog chasing a car. I wouldn’t know what to do with it if I actually caught it.
    Bane catches the car, and neither he nor Nolan have any idea what’s next. I still think this is Chris Nolan’s sloppiest work to date, but I can appreciate the positive response this film is getting – and am glad it’s getting it. I am, and will always be, a Batman fan.

    • I agree with all your comments regarding Batman. I’m just surprised with some reviews (specially the extremely negative ones). It’s just strange that the same critics that analyzed Batman with a microscope were ok with the Avengers plot holes:
      1) Why not controlling Nick Fury’s mind instead of Hawkeye at the beginning of the movie?
      2) Is invisibility really necessary in Shield’s Helicarrier? I’m quite sure they can hear you coming. I’m not expert in world domination but I’m quite sure that controlling the head of Shield would more useful that getting a good archer.
      3) The way that Hulk kicks Loki’s ass was funny but kind of a Looney Tunes moment. The idea that Loki stays in front of Hulk’s face trying to talk to him instead of casting any protection spell is quite silly. Here is a huge giant green monster trying to kick my ass, I’m a the “God of Lies and Mischief” what should I do? I’m going to try to talk to him (that would work).
      I’m not trying to make fun of the Avengers, I did enjoy the movie but at the end of the day both movies require a leap of faith.

  • I love Batman…
    the idea, the concept, Comics, and the movies (even the crappy ones). I did not
    enjoy watching batman get his ass kicked, not at all and even though I can’t
    stand Christian Bale, it was hard to watch. So when he came back I wanted to
    settle in and watch batman beat the holy crap out of Bane, and everyone eles. I
    was disappointed in the ending, to me Batman was cheated of his revenge, I was
    cheated and rushed through what I felt could have made two excellent films. The
    first should have ended with Batman getting his ass handed to him and his back
    broke. They could have flushed out the story better and made the second film all
    about being tortured to a vengeful frenzy and healing to then finally getting his city back. Think of all the villain’s
    stories we missed out on during the Gotham’s demise.

    The Batman
    universe is vast, and I would rather have savored it more. I think there was
    just to much crammed in to the story because the Director was done. This said,
    I enjoyed the film but “The Dark Knight
    Rises” left a hole, a void in my heart because of the love I have for this
    director’s vision of the comic and now the absence of it. He could have done better, he knows he
    could have. It makes me sad that we will
    never get to see the rest of it. I think he should have settled in to the commitment
    of telling a full story of Batman, instead of slapping something on the wall
    before heading out the door.

  • Just the fact you guys seem to love the movie, but are so hard on it at the same time kinda hurts. I loved the movie and definitely agree the more you see it, the more you will love it. Plus, been hearing that there will be a directors guy with additional scenes. Bane origin explored further? Yes PLEASE! Just know this guys, Glenn did say it best. This is the greatest trilogy movies (except its next to the first Stars Wars). Batman is easily the greatest superhero too. I hope they cool it with Batman for like 5-10 years then do a new trilogy. All in all, it was a great story and take on the him. I am sad it is done with. 🙁

  • I’m not sure if anyone has noticed this yet, but I have seen this for a while now, very long time really. The podcast subscribe options have some broken images/404 erros, leading to the broken image icons (at least in Chrome). @PSNationTorgo:disqus have you ever looked into this?

  • fireponrome

    This was a lot of fun. I enjoyed every second and hope another is created at some point. Thanks!

  • godmars

    Keep saying that if someone involved with making Prometheus knew about Pac Protectors from Larry Niven’s novels, the movie would have been way better.