Two New Game Modes Added to ‘SSX’

EA has announced that two new game modes have been added to SSX and are available on the PlayStation Network at no charge right now!  The online modes currently in the game will be joined by 3-2-1-Go! Events and a Freeride mode returns to the single player experience.  Is this EA’s answer to fans who were disappointed by the lack of a “true” multiplayer mode at launch?  Have they redeemed themselves in the eyes of SSX fans?  You be the judge.  The official details of the new modes are quoted below.

3-2-1-Go! Events:
3-2-1-Go! Events are a completely new way to experience multiplayer in SSX. Unlike the asynchronous competition found in Global Events, this new game mode will allow you to compete with up to five riders simultaneously in fast paced Trick it and Race it heats. The rules for 3-2-1-Go! Race Events are simple – the first rider to cross the finish line wins. 3-2-1-Go! Trick Events introduces a countdown timer for the entire run, so the winner is determined by who can post the highest score and cross the finish line before the clock hits zero.

One of the most requested modes from the SSX community, Freeride is a single player experience that allows you to endlessly explore every inch of the massive mountains of SSX at your own pace and with your own style. There are no rules, no ghosts, no clock, no score and no other riders. In Freeride, it is just you, the mountain and your music.

Written by Emrah Rakiposki

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