‘Joe Danger 2 The Movie’ Announcement Trailer

The action packed mayhem of the Joe Danger series will make its way back to the PSN sometime this fall with Joe Danger 2 The Movie.  Being showcased at Gamescom next week, this title boasts awesome variety with 100 levels, 50 characters, and 20 vehicles.  Joe Danger 2 The Movie will add an interesting dynamic with each level representing a scene from one big movie that the player is making.  Additional features will include online level sharing, scene building, and cloud uploads of your level replays that allow you to race against your friends online or offline.  Check out the trailer and screenshots below.




Written by Emrah Rakiposki

Emrah Rakiposki

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  • Derek / Beaver6622

    Oh hell yeah! Loved the first one. Should be interesting with a multiplayer. Is there any word on a Vita version? Say Yes, Please!

    • embelievable

      no word yet. looks to be perfect for handheld tho

  • I thought I read somewhere the sequel was X-Box 360 only for the time being? Would be great to have on the Vita at some stage though.