Mars: War Logs Coming To PSN

Focus Home Interactive and developer Spiders are bringing a new action RPG to the PlayStation Network next year called Mars: War Logs. Set a little over one hundred years since a major catastrophe on the planet, water is scarce and incredibly valuable with several companies fighting an ongoing war to control it.

As renegade Roy Temperance, players will be able to build to their play style using dozens of skills and perks along with a crafting system to create and modify equipment. Real time combat should attract the non-RPG crowd as well.

We’ve only been given 2013 as a release date so we’ll have to keep an eye out for this one. As you can see from the art style and action below, it looks quite promising.

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  • is it on ps3 vita or hopefully both and hopefully it will use cross-buy

    • Right now it’s just listed as a PlayStation Network download title so PS3 only until we hear otherwise.

      • my guess probably not since it is also on xbl and pc but hopefully it does happen