One week away from playing over 100 PS1 titles on our Vita

It is finally getting closer to the launch of firmware 1.80 on the vita on August 28th 2012. This firmware update will also give us cross controller support for the vita, music playlists, rear touch pad support for the web browser, and more home screen button controls! We will be able to download PS1 games like Metal gear solid, Final Fantasy titles, and Resident evil!

I am not a huge fan of playing old PlayStation 1 titles but I think I will be picking up a few of these for my Vita. This support is just another reason for you to run out and purchase a Vita! Along with Cross-buy there will be no excuse for you to not own one if you already have a PlayStation 3. What games are you looking forward to have on the go? Are you going to buy any of these classics just because of this update? Please let us know in the comments section!

Written by Edward Pol

Just another Sony fan boy. I play pretty much anything and I also run the PsNation Zen Pinball League.

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  • William

    I have over 20 ps1 through plus, but FF7 is day 1 install. Love my vita I use around 6 hours a maybe 2 on the ps3

  • Stryfe84

    I’ve got over 40 ps1 titles downloaded but I’m mostly looking forward to playing Final Fantasy. Despite calling myself a huge FF fan I’ve never played through 1-6 all the way. I have 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9 & tactics digitally so I’ll probably end up having a Final Fantasy memory card. Quite fancy playing the whole series through in order but that’s a monster task. Actually thinking about it, what a review that would make! I might just have a go at reviewing them all in order ending up with a monster FF review!

  • That’s awesome! It is pretty funny how everyone just cares about Final Fantasy including me!

  • himdeel

    I just want to see the whole list. It would also be nice if they threw some new PSP games in the mix, like Crisis Core.