XCOM: Enemy unknown “Casualties of War” trailer

2k games and Firaxis games have released a new trailer for the upcoming game XCOM: Enemy Uknown. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a strategy/action/role playing game where you are the commander of the XCOM force responding the anĀ aggressiveĀ alien invasion.

Written by Edward Pol

Just another Sony fan boy. I play pretty much anything and I also run the PsNation Zen Pinball League.

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  • In case I haven’t mentioned it before… WANT!

    I just hope I don’t get paralysis from the soldier perma-death. That’s going to crush me. :S

    • lol, that really is the hardest part of the X-COM series, sending your best soldier into the unknown hoping they’re equipped and backed up well enough to survive.

    • Yeah that will not be cool! I foresee a ton of saves in all of our futures lol!

  • Yeah I hear ya! I foresee a lot of saves in our futures!