New PSN Racer “Fuel Overdose” revealed – Trailer Included

Back in the 16-bit days, you could find more than a couple of racing games that were all played from a skewed overhead perspective. Games like Thrash Rally, Neo Drift Out, Rock and Roll Racing, and Power Drive Rally emanated from our TV’s. Even Motorstorm RC plays in this manner. Some were good, some not so much, but it was a fun genre that brought more than a couple of memorable thrills.

Today, I-Friqiya brings this genre back, and from the looks of the new trailer and screen, this is probably going to be a good one! Something that struck me right away was that the track isn’t static, and instead spins to keep the perspective similar all the time. So instead of racing as if you are in one spot above the track, it’s much easier to know where you are and when you need to turn. Also, I’m pretty excited to see Weapons! The action looks pretty frantic, and it definitely seems like you have more control over the car than in some of those older titles.

The other feature that I know that I’ve never seen before is the grappling hook. From what I see in the trailer, you can grapple other vehicles to stay on the track, and even to objects at the side of the road to make tight turns (like Batman yo!)

This is obviously our first look at the game, so rest assured that we’ll definitely keep an eye on this one!

Check out the Press Release info below:

As great fans of the top-down/isometric view racers of the 80’s and 90’s, we wanted to bring the driving experience of these games back to life. From the very beginning our ambition has been to reconnect with a racing experience that would be fun and easy to learn, and at the same time deep and challenging.
But we also wanted to introduce innovative game features such as the grappling hooks that you can use to grab other vehicles, to get back on track, or to perform perfect turns. Hardcore racers will also have the opportunity to test their driving skills and improve their performance with very advanced techniques such as skidding, drifting and spins.

Because Fuel Overdose has always been about playing the game the way you want to play it (more details in the coming “Tactical” trailer), our ambition was also to give racers the freedom to choose. So depending on your race strategy and on your driving style, Fuel Overdose proposes several types of vehicles and customization options so you can improve the performances and modify the handling of your ride.

Last, even though Fuel Overdose is an action racer, the game offers a series of challenges and game modes both offline and online, that focus on the racing aspect, such as drift, weapon-free and time attack modes.

To sum up, Fuel Overdose racing, it’s:
• The good old feeling of top-down/isometric racing
• Grappling hooks to grab your enemies and perform perfect turns
• A wide variety of vehicles, driving styles and customization options
• An array of advanced techniques: skidding, drifting and spins
• For the race purists, offline and online weapon-free and drift challenges and game modes

Written by Glenn Percival

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