SNK PLAYMORE Announces Massive Sale on NEOGEO Station Titles

SNK Playmore announced that starting TODAY (Aug 28th) until September 25th, that these select titles will be 50% off the normal price for both PS3 and PSP.

PS3: Was $8.99 -> Now $4.49

PSP: Was $6.99 -> Now $3.49

Also available is the initial 10-game bundle for PS3, now just priced at $39.99!

The complete list of games for SNK PLAYMORE’s NEOGEO Station End of Summer sale, available on both PS3 and PSP:

For those of you not familiar with the Neo Geo, it’s truly unique in the fact that the titles in the arcade cabinet are exactly the same as those for the home system. The home unit started in Japan as a rental-only system, but people quickly started offering huge sums of money to buy one instead, so SNK decided to release the system as home console. It was definitely cost-prohibitive, with the console (including a game) hitting $600 and games at $200 each, but enthusiasts (like me) snatched them up as soon as they could.

The community has continued to thrive even to this day, with an incredible hardware modding push for both the consoles and to use the cheaper but identical (except for a few extra pins on the cart connector) on the home consoles. I myself have had my home unit modified with full component video out, full stereo audio out, a universal BIOS that allows me to switch region settings and other cool features. Also, there are adapters available for the home units to allow use of the arcade carts, which on-average, are considerably cheaper. While the standard price for a home (AES) cart was around $200, the arcade (MVS) carts are attainable at anywhere from $20-$70.

Here’s a quick take on the games listed:

Definition of ‘SHMUP’ –

* ALPHA MISSION II – A very fun vertical SHMUP that allows for two simultaneous players. The action is frantic, as the player upgrades a multitude of weapons and power-up’s. The soundtrack is pretty memorable as well.

* ART OF FIGHTING – While the first one definitely has some limitations (you can only choose from 2 playable characters,) Art of Fighting is a different take on the fighting genre by introducing a light story into the mix. It was also unique in the fact that it showed-off the mindblowing scaling by zooming the screen in-and-out on-the-fly. It was a good game, but pretty thin, especially when compared to the later entries in the series.

*BASEBALL STARS 2 – One of my favorite Baseball games of all-time. Everything has been updated, from much better visuals, bigger characters with more unique attributes, and a fun progression mode through all of the available teams in 1-Player Mode, or go head-to-head in 2-Player. This time around, only 1 stadium is available, but that doesn’t take away from the charm of this must-have. Unlike the first game, you really need to manage your players more, especially the pitchers, who will get tired throughout the innings. Even worse for the pitchers, if they hit the wrong player with a pitch, he’ll rush the mound and clobber the pitcher, leaving him in bad shape. And hey, you even get powered-up bats to use! Seriously, I love this game and still play it on a regular basis.

* BASEBALL STARS PROFESSIONAL – A semi follow-up to the NES original, Baseball Stars Professional is all-out arcade fun. This is a definite purchase for anyone that loves Baseball.

* FATAL FURY – The first in a long line of popular fighting games, it brought a unique twist to the fighting genre by allowing the fighters to engage in two separate planes.

* LEAGUE BOWLING – You MUST buy this game! This is by-far one of my all-time favorite games, not only on the platform, but of all-time. Allowing players to play in split-screen, the action is fast and addictive. BUY THIS GAME!

* MAGICIAN LORD – The reason that I bought a Neo Geo originally. This is an action-platformer that displays beautiful visuals, a memorable soundtrack, and the unique ability to use power-up’s to transform into multiple characters. One of the coolest features of the Neo Geo was that the memory card for the Home console was completely cross-compatible with the arcade unit, allowing you to save your progress even in the arcades. I used to walk down to the local Quiktrip every night during one summer, throw a burrito into the microwave, and drop around $5 on this game. It’s incredibly challenging in later levels as well.

* METAL SLUG – The first of an incredibly popular action-platformer, at first blush, Metal slug is a Contra clone. But what you’ll find is a great blend of action, strategy, and bits of comedy blended together for a larger than life battle.

* METAL SLUG 2 – The sequel to the VERY successful side-scrolling platformer, Metal Slug 2 added additional weapons such as the Laser, fire bombs (to take the Zombies out), the Camel Slug, and even the Slug Fighter which a VTOL jet fighter. The game once again is bigger than life with frantic action and great visuals. Unfortunately, it also comes witha lot of slowdown. Metal Slug X was actually released soon after to fix many of the issues that this one came with. It’s a good game, but I would almost just stick to the original Metal Slug for now.

* SAMURAI SHODOWN – Again, the first of what became a very popular fighting series, Samurai Shodown offered slower and more deliberate gameplay while displaying visceral hits and finishing moves.

* SHOCK TROOPERS – Think ‘Midnight Resistance’ without the joystick that can be twisted. It’s played form a 3/4 overhead perspective, and has a lot to like. 8 different characters are selectable, each with their own weapon loadouts. As usual with almost every Neo Geo game, this can be played in 1 or 2 players, and is a blast to play. Skip it on PSP though and stick to the PSP, simply because of the control scheme.

* SUPER SIDEKICKS – A long-running series on the platform, it’s arcade Soccer, and it’s really well-done. This one’s an absolute blast to play!

* THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’94 – While not as popular as KoF ’97, this is one of the favorites in the KoF series.

* THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’95 – The second game in the King of Fighters series. The biggest difference from ’94 is the replacement of the US Team with the Rivals Team. This also means that the character Lori Yagami, who quickly became a favorite in the series.

* THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’96 – This time around, changes have been made to some teams, and the graphics definitely improved. UNfortunately the game was criticized for the lack of balance. Best to steer-clear of this one.

* WORLD HEROES – Ah World Heroes. This was probably the closest to an actual clone of Street Fighter 2, but created with simplicity in mind. Only 3-buttons are used in this one, Punch, Kick, and Throw. The longer you held a button, the harder the punch or kick would be. The big addition to the game was called “Death Match”, in which you’d fight waves of fighters until you were eliminated. This mode was pretty fun, but that went away quickly. When it first hit, I really liked this game, but playing it nowadays is a chore. Steer clear.

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