New, Even Slimmer PS3 Finally Revealed (Pics and Details)

As we’ve been saying, we knew it was coming, just not when. Well, Sony answered those questions when they kicked-off TGS tonight, but unveiling the new models as soon as the briefing began. The new model is 50% smaller than the original PS3 models, and 25% smaller then the slim even. Also, as you’ll see in the pictures below, the stand for the model actually screws-in to the console instead of simply holding it up. I have to admit, I want the white model they’re getting in Japan.

As you’ll see below, you CAN put a hard drive in the unit sold with 12GB of Flash Memory, but the Flash deactivates when you do so. (This is GREAT news for anyone wanting to put their own hard drive in)

Pricing and Availability:

North America
250GB – $269 (Bundle Only w/Uncharted 3 and Dust514 content) – September 25th
500GB – $299 – October 30th

Europe and PAL Territories
Flash Memory 12GB – 229 Euros – October 12th
500GB – 299 Euros – September 28th

250GB – 24,900 Yen – October 4th
500GB – 29,800 Yen – October 4th

Press Release Info:
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that a new PlayStation®3(PS3®) computer entertainment system (body color: charcoal black / classic white*1), featuring a new design and a downsized form factor, will become available worldwide this holiday season. The new PS3 will come in 3 models including extended built in Hard Disk Drive (HDD) capacity of 500GB model and 250GB model, and a newly added 12GB flash memory model initially for Europe only.

Thanks to a complete redesign of the internal architecture, the volume and weight of the new PS3 has been reduced by more than half compared to the very first PS3 model with a 60GB HDD, and by 20% and 25% respectively compared to the current PS3. By adopting a sliding disk cover, the new PS3 continues with the characteristic sleek curved body design, which fits various places in the home and enables users to enjoy an array of entertainment content.

With the extra HDD capacity which has been extended from 320GB and 160GB, users can store and enjoy more and more entertainment content including games, music, photos, and video on the new PS3. In addition, the new PS3 with 12GB flash memory offers opportunities to experience the world of PlayStation® at an affordable price point. Users can also expand the storage capacity of the 12GB flash memory PS3 by connecting a dedicated HDD (250GB) to be released concurrently with the new model5. In addition, a variety of accessories will be introduced by SCE to meet various kinds of needs from users including a vertical stand that offers more flexibility in how the new PS3 can be displayed*6.

*1 The new PS3 in classic white will become available in Japan from November. Other regions and countries will follow this
*2 Only PS3 system bundled with software title will become available.
*3 Prices will vary by country across Europe.
*4 PS3 with flash memory 12GB will be sold in Europe and Hong Kong
*5 When using dedicated HDD, flash memory cannot be used as inner storage
*6 Users will need to use the separately sold “Vertical Stand” to set the new PS3 in vertical position.
*7 Includes PS one® classics and free of charge content (downloadable demos).

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  • 500GB model comes with Assassin’s Creed 3

  • The reason for the Sept 28 release date in Europe is that FIFA is out on the same day, and various sources say that the game will be bundled with the console. That’s a great move from Sony; I’m sure it will shift a lot of units on that first FIFA weekend. It will make the console an easier sell because people would have spent £40 on the game anyway, so say if the console retailed at £250, most buyers would just look at it as £210 due to the game.

    • ChazzH69

      It’s a very clever move for Sony. Might even do a Wonderbook bundle with this at Christmas.

  • I will say it looks better than the leaked pictures. By why oh why can’t they add a USB port on the back for the PS Eye and the two (or even three) on the front?

  • etur0

    so the 12gig one is only available in Europe if so that sucks I want the 12gig on but I live in the US

    • Read what it says. It’s only in Europe “for now”

      • etur0

        I did I just miss that part

  • All the statement actually says is that you can expand the 12gb version with the new proprietary Sony 250gb HDD, it’s not at all clear if you can diy expand as you can with current slim, in fact the new Sony drive suggests that option has been killed off! shame if so.

    • etur0

      I miss that part has well and if it is trues then yeah it does suck

  • I have been looking around and so far I can not tell if you can use a standard laptop HDD like we can on the older model. I really hope we can but as others have stated the fact that it is comming out with a sony drive at release suggests that the choose your own HDD days may be gone.

    • A normal 2.5″ drive can be used, just like with old PS3’s. However – it will require an “official mounting bracket”. Whether this bracket will be included with the console or not is unknown, but I’d guess they will sell it separately.