Sony announces PSN Day 1 Digital program

Sony has announced a program where players can download titles on the day they’re released. Players can also pre-order games before they’re released. Also PlayStation Plus members will get 10% off certain titles, this program will be available on October 2nd.

Here is a list of titles that have been announced for the program so far:

  • Resident Evil 6 (October 2nd – $59.99)
  • NBA 2K13 (October 2nd – $59.99/$53.99 for Plus members, with pre-order)*
  • Dishonored (October 9th – $59.99/$53.99 for Plus members, with pre-order)*
  • Doom 3: BFG Edition (October 16th – $39.99/$35.99 for Plus members, with pre-order)*
  • 007 Legends (October 16th – $59.99, 10% off week one for Plus members)
  • Medal of Honor War Fighter (October 23rd – $59.99)
  • Need For Speed: Most Wanted (October 30th – $59.99/$53.99 for Plus members, with pre-order)*
  • Assassin’s Creed III (October 30th – $59.99)*

* Available for pre-order

Written by Edward Pol

Just another Sony fan boy. I play pretty much anything and I also run the PsNation Zen Pinball League.

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