Sun Flowers Release is Right Around the Corner!

Sun Flowers is a PlayStation Mini that defies its name with how much content it has. European gamers have been able to experience it for some time now, and US gamers will soon be able to do the same. How much time will we have to wait? A month, maybe a couple weeks? Nope, you are wrong sir! US gamers will be able to enjoy this gem on October 9th for $3.99. That is a week away! Tell us in the comments if you are going to get this game and what do you expect. I know I expect something great from The Game Atelier crew.

If you haven’t heard about this game, check out the video below or the interview with the developer here.

Written by Nathan Hensler

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  • ChazzH69

    It’s a fun little game which my family enjoy playing. There is a demo which gives a good section of the game to try and it’s a cheap game as well.

  • Stryfe84

    I liked the look and feel of it at first but I didn’t feel like there was much there. You just play through the one game mode until you run out of lives and then can have a look at what you’ve unlocked in the garden. The tropical mode is just the same but with different backgrounds and different looking flowers but the same gameplay.

    I was hoping for a bit more but after maybe an hour of playing I can’t see myself going back to it for any reason, there’s no reason for me to go and unlock more flowers as they add nothing to the game in terms of gameplay or replayability. Not sure that for me, it was even worth the £3 odd price tag. Shame as I’d been looking forward to this game.