Review: Medal of Honor: Warfighter (PS3)

Title: Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Format: Blu-ray Disc / PlayStation Network Download (11.6 GB)
Release Date: October 23, 2012
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Danger Close
Price: $59.99
ESRB Rating: M
Medal of Honor is also available on Xbox 360 and Windows PC.
PlayStation 3 was used for this review

Audio Review:
The audio review for this game is available on Episode 292 of the podcast.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter started out with a bang! From the moment I turned on the game I was in awe with the action that followed. Throughout the whole single player campaign I was hooked, and I was able to play this game in one play through. The single player campaign is only about 6-7 hours in length, which is about normal for a first person shooter nowadays. The game has you playing as two different soldiers; “Stump” and “Preacher” and alternates between the two throughout the story. Also, during a few of the cut scenes you will see Preacher’s home life and what a Tier 1 soldier’s life is like on the go all the time, which is something that tugged at my heart-strings throughout the game.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter has a nice pseudo-cover system where you are able to hold L2 and peek over walls and around corners while crouched or standing. Also, you are able to hit R3 while zoomed to go from a laser sight to another scope that may be attached to your gun, so essentially your gun can have two different types of sights on them, which are automatically given to you for each mission. Unfortunately, there’s not much here that will set it apart from most other FPS’. One fun addition are the way that headshots are handled, with a little picture of a head that will pop-up in the center of the screen to let you know when you get a headshot. It’s a nice addition and makes you feel good every time you know you took that guy out with a shot to the dome!

There are also a couple of driving missions during the game that do a good job of breaking the action up. While these sequences are fun, they can also be very frustrating if you make one mistake. Failure can send you right back to your last checkpoint, and although these sequences were actually developed by the masters at Criterion, the driving can at some points get sloppy and tough to master.. At the beginning of the game you will go through a training mission to see what difficulty you will need to play the game in, but this is just a recommendation and you can go to any difficulty you feel you should be playing in.

Unfortunately, I did encounter a few bugs while playing the game. I was hoping that the day 1 patch would have solved these problems but no such luck. One bug I encountered was when I threw a grenade and one of my guys ran over it and died, the mission instantly ended. But when I restarted from the last checkpoint it immediately said I failed and didn’t let me do anything else except say restart from last checkpoint. It’s not game-breaking really, but it made me waste another 30 minutes restarting the chapter from the beginning.

The AI was also a slight problem in the game. Sometimes the AI would be spot-on, but at other times I encountered the tripwire effect, which wouldn’t let me continue in the mission until I killed every enemy in an area, even if he’d glitched behind a wall or other cover, so the game wouldn’t progress until you killed that guy. So even though your AI partners would shoot non-stop into his general area, the enemy won’t actually die until you’re the one that finds and kills him. Again, this wasn’t game-breaking but it definitely pulled me out of the game a bit.

The visuals of the game are gorgeous! Of course, it’s using the Frostbite 2 engine so what else would we expect? When staring into the direction of the sun you will be blinded by it and not able to pick out your targets, which can be fun and add a bit of strategy in terms of where to move and fire. The rain in the game can throw you off when you’re in a fire fight, and does a great job at confusing you when the action gets frantic. It adds another sense of fear and confusion while playing, making you wonder if you are safe in the cover you have chosen. Use of the Frostbite 2 engine becomes evident when in cover, as it can easily be destroyed around, you, yet again adding to the heightened sense of anxiety and urgency.

Sound in Medal of Honor: Warfighter is excellent! I enjoyed every second of listening the bullets hit everything around me and the music that appears during tense moments. Your character will also become “winded” during fire fights and of course while sprinting, but when you hear him breathing heavily during a close firefight, you’ll know the action is intense, and you’ll find yourself gripping that controller a little bit harder. The sounds of the cars during the driving missions were just as impactful, and while shifting the car you can tell the sound just isn’t right where the engine rev is and the gear you’re in, but it’s hard to pay attention to that because you are trying not to crash! All the guns sound great and the surround sound is awesome, while in a fire fight I can hear my guys firing right behind my head, which really pulled-me into the action!

Of course what is a first person shooter without a multiplayer element? Medal of Honor: Warfighter seems to do it right! I am a fan of online first person shooters but I have been let down by a lot of them. When I jumped into a game with a PSN friend it invoked an instant smile on my face throughout the entire match. Available are the normal match types like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Conquest.

A new addition to the game is fireteams. You’ll notice when you first jump into a game that your team has small fireteams of 2 people each. When you die you can either spawn on your teammate or spawn at the fall back location. Spawning on your teammate isn’t as easy as you think though, you can only spawn on them if they are out of sight of an enemy and out of the action for at least 2 seconds. Fireteams are nice when you and your buddy can change classes and work together. Playing as a heavy gunner, which is like a human tank with added armor and a face shield, your friend can hide behind you and act like a turret, picking off guys while you absorb a lot of fire. There are 6 classes in the game for you to choose from and each class has their own set of weapons and perks. Also, every class has support actions, when you get enough XP and streaks from killing during the game, you will unlock your support action which is either defensive, like a smoke screen or offensive, like a missile attack. The maps are small to medium size but just perfect to keep you in the action, yet large enough to let you have some breathing room when moving from cover to cover.

There is an option to customize your gun, which will allow you to change everything from the optics, magazines, barrels, and much more! There is a wide variety of things you can do to each gun. Using the gun during multiplayer will help you unlock new parts to your gun so you can upgrade it and make it better!

Online will also take you over to your PC for Battlelog and Nations access, and I totally recommend doing so! During play, you will earn tokens that can be used for the nation you decide to be a part of. Tokens, when used will give you in-game bonus XP and add to your nation’s score. At the end of a certain time frame the nation in first place will get XP and other bonuses for anyone playing for it. You can change your nation anytime you want during your career, but you must do it on your PC and you can’t do it through the game. Is this a needed thing for multiplayer? No! Should you be able to do it through the game? Yes! Having to log in through my computer everyday to do it just isn’t practical and you should be able to do it through the game directly.

A few issues I have with multiplayer are kind of bothersome and sometimes pretty major. When you first jump into multiplayer the game does not really explain to you what is going on with classes and unlocks etc. It just doesn’t quite have a straightforward layout. The game kind of just throws you in there and has you chose a starting class. Also, when setting up a party you can invite friends. When you choose to do so, it will invite everyone one your PSN list that is currently online even if they don’t have the game. I thought this was a bad idea and it should only invite online friends in the game, mainly because I received a ton of messages back from my friends saying sorry I don’t have the game. But you can invite single friends when clicking on each fireteam spot. Another issue is voice chat is not working so far in the game, I hope they patch this soon and get it working so you can communicate with your partner! Communication is key when playing in a fireteam.

I thoroughly enjoyed Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Single player was a blast and I will play it again so I can experience the story at least one more time. It grabbed me as soon as I turned it on and I didn’t want to put the controller down! Even with the few bugs I experienced I still loved every second of it. The multiplayer has also been a big enjoyment to me even if it is a little confusing equipping your soldier and figuring it out, but after playing with it for a half hour it is pretty straightforward and easy to master. Although the bugs in multiplayer and single player does hurt the score for now.


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