Heavenly Sword and WipEout Stage DLC Coming to PlayStation All-Stars (Now with an Hands-On Report)



Today it was announced that there will be a Heavenly Sword WipEout mash-up stage coming to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale along with the previously announced character DLC of Kat(Gravity Rush) and Emmett Graves(Starhawk).

Exact release date for the DLC is unknown, but it will be arriving early next year and will be free for the first 2 weeks.

Expect in-depth coverage on PlayStation All-Stars later this week on the site and podcast.

So what does everyone think about the recent DLC announcements for PlayStation All-Stars?

Glenn’s Report from Santa Monica Studios
One of the reason that I’m in the Los Angeles area this week was to attend a press event for the new DLC for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. As described above, we were able to play with two new characters, Kat and Emmett, and check out the new level as well.

Kat (Gravity Rush/Gravity Daze) is very quick, and her moves are almost “poetic” in a way, flowing from one to the next. She’s best in close-quarters, and really isn’t a threat at all from a distance. Your best bet with Kat is to focus on combos, and even now some people have found some interesting ways to chain into more combos by using her telekinetic abilities. Her Supers, as well, are best when in close, except for her Level 3 of course. She’s very quick, and can be a handful to control, but if you can master her, she be devastating. I’d probably compare her to Dante the most, but overall very different from his mechanics.

Emmett Graves (Starhawk) is a bit slower and more strategic than most of the roster. His punch movement is quite deliberate, and like Sweet Tooth, you’ll have some items at your disposal. As is the core of this game, they’ve kept Emmett true to his Starhawk roots even integrating Build & Battle into his arsenal. For example, Up + Triangle allowed Emmett to call-in a drop-pod, which revealed an automated machine gun turret. You can also call other items down, and if you can get good enough, multiple items can be strewn across the playfield, up to a certain limit though (just as in Starhawk with the limit on Rift Energy.) His Level 1 Super is pretty similar to the range of Kratos, but his Level 2, as my opponents found out last night, can actually be incredibly effective if all three of your opponents are in close proximity. His Level 3 is really badass too, but I don’t want to give that away (it works better as a surprise.)

A new level was also revealed, named “Fearless” (also the name of the level in Heavenly Sword that the pillar is in,) You start atop that iconic pillar that everyone remembers from the early demo for Heavenly Sword. The fighting is fierce in this section, as the terrain is a bit more narrow, since it drops off on both edges. It then crumbles as the ropes break, ending next to a track from the Wipeout series. Platforms are more prevalent here, but again, the arena is a bit narrow, especially since the track on the right side of the screen is electrified, shocking any combatant that is thrown into it. Another peril on the right side are the racers themselves, which will slam into anyone unfortunate enough to be standing next to the track when they race by. I gotta say, this level in particular is really great for any fan of PlayStation. When that camera pans in from afar to reveal that legendary battleground from Heavenly Sword, it’s a pretty great feeling.

Both DLC characters will be FREE for the first couple weeks of release, so even if you don’t own the game, grab them “just in case.” No actual release date has been set yet, but they’re shooting for ‘Early 2013’ at the moment.

Check out Episode 297 of the podcast when it hits on Thursday or Friday of this week, as I sat down to talk to Omar Kendall, Game Director for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. We go in-depth with the mechanics of both new characters, the new level, and we talk about the new patch hitting soon.

Written by Michael Cwick

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