Levine: “business people” hold the key to Bioshock Vita release

The creator of the Bioshock series and head of Irrational Games, Ken Levine, has confirmed his idea for a Vita spin-off is still very much in the embryonic stages.

He first spoke about the game at last year’s E3, but the game has since seemingly been on ice, with no concrete details released.

Speaking to IGN, Levine has now revealed it’s not up to him if and when Bioshock will arrive on Sony‘s handheld:

“That is in the hands of business people right now. It’s something I’m still interested in, and people ask me that all the time.

Right now I’m just sort of waiting to see what the business people come up with, and that’s sort of out of my hands at this point.

That’s something that I think has a lot of potential. The game idea we have has a lot of potential. It’s just a question of [if] their stars all align.”

[Source: CVG]

Written by Raj Mahil

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