The Last of Us Special Editions (EU)


UPDATE: Both Special Editions, The Last of Us: Ellie Edition or The Last of Us: Joel Edition, are available for pre-order now at your local participating retailer or online for £59.99/€79.99/AU$114.95. Pre-order today and find out more at

As you can see by the pictures below there will be two different special editions (so far only confirmed for the EU), one called Joel & the other named Ellie.

Okay the most important things are what differences are there? It seems to be a PS3 controller skin, Screen Print Effect poster, LBP Skin and the Blu-ray case. All of the physical content comes in a canvas wrap which includes the content above and a mini artbook, mini comic. There is also some exclusive digital content:

Survival Pack: includes customisable items for multiplayer characters; additional in-game currency for the multiplayer; some experience points to give you a head start; a melee attack booster; and two extra skins for Joel and Ellie that unlock when you finish the single-player game.

Sights & Sounds Pack: includes a dynamic PS3 theme; Soundtrack download; and two PlayStation Network Avatars of Joel and Ellie in winter survival gear.

Now here’s the kicker, the Ellie Edition is exclusive to GAME, and the Joel Edition is at Amazon.


But the big question is, Who do you want Joel or Ellie? I hoping they release a Collector’s Edition with them both?


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