PlayStation 4 Eye: It’s Thinking…


PS4 will come bundled with a newly designed camera appropriately named PlayStation® 4 Eye. Yes, yes…let the name-calling of glasses-wearing PS4 owners by Xbot bullies begin. Yeah. That’s so funny.

We know this camera will come bundled and not, as in past Gens, be optional because the new Dualshock 4 controller requires it for player identification. “For WHAT?”, I seem to hear you saying. Player identification. In tandem with the lightbar on the front of the controller, the cameras will take the place of those very annoying little lights on the current-Gen Dualshock 3 controller which indicate to the player which player he or she, in fact, is. The PS4 will denote who is whom by the color of the lightbar on their Dualshock 4.

But wait! That’s not all! SCE didn’t go to all the trouble of designing this dual camera psuedo-peripheral just to replace four teeny-tiny red light bulbs. The stereo cameras will sense depth, be capable of scanning players out of their own environment and into the virtual world of the game and enable controller-free play. “I assure you, we are the controller!” That seems vaguely familiar.

But just because a guy invents something is no reason another guy can’t improve it. And rename it. And bundle it with something else. And keep all the money. And buy a heart-shaped bed and stuff the bed with all the money and point his PlayStation® 4 Eye at the bed and dance, dance REVOLUTION all over the bed in celebration.

Also there are four microphones in the device which sense the direction and volume of sounds and which you will undoubtedly be able to teach Klingon. OK! I made that last part up. But KLINGON! Get on that you Star Trek game devs!

The stereo cameras will also take the place of the camera set-up from the PS3 and Move combination. No one will need to buy a camera to use with their Move for the PS4 which is good money-saving news for anyone who has yet to adopt the peripheral controller. If the demo of Media Molecule showing off the precision of the Move for Next Gen is any indication, the Move could gain momentum in the future and not be left behind as most peripherals when the times a-change.

Finally, the camera can look at you, tell you’re you and log you in. Really pretty cool. Also an involved parent’s dream. If you do not wish your child to hear bad words or see blood or watch dirty movies on Netflix, in THEORY, you can set your kid’s limits and when they log-in with their own head they will be very safe inside pre-set parameters which no amount of their trying can undo.

Post Script, the press release also says this: Furthermore….let a character talk to a particular player, enabling players to enjoy games in new way.

I can’t figure out what that means so you’re on your own. Apparently the characters in games will spring to life and be able to talk to you. Which they think is a good thing. I think that usually requires Thorazine.

I bet you guys have an opinion on this, right? Well inform and elucidate us with your observations in the comments below. (Tell us stuff.) We might say something back!

Written by Keith Dunn-Fernández

Keith Dunn-Fernández

An actor/director and more lucratively an Administrative Assistant at a small paper company in NYC, Keith loves his games. And he loves to write. And he is a bit of a sarcasmo.

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