New PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale DLC Coming


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will be adding two new characters on March 19th.

Which characters, you ask? Zeus from God of War and Isaac Clarke from Dead Space of course, you know those beloved PlayStation characters fans have been demanding. Seriously though, it is great to see Sony continue support for PlayStation All-Stars even after parting ways with SuperBot Entertainment earlier this month. And to Sony‘s credit the new characters look like wonderful additions to the game.¬†Along with the character DLC, a new mash-up stage will be released that combines elements from MediEvil and The Unfinished Swan. IGN have an exclusive video of the characters in action on the new stage that you can check out here.

Pricing for the DLC is unknown at this time.

Thoughts on the new characters are welcomed in the comments section. Are the new characters a surprise? Who is on your wishlist of DLC characters?

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  • MJC

    Wonder if my sarcasm was clear enough.

  • great game glad that Sony is still supporting it.

  • Disappointed in their character selection for this DLC. The medievi/unfinished swan stage looks good though.

  • pirate-bone

    Zeus looks Cool Issac like another redec but still good.any more dlc people could be like a robot or something if not then y not Hades What’s better then the God of war the God of the underworld and the God of lightning to be brawling out.