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April 23rd of this year will see the release of Star Trek The Video Game. I have high hopes for this game. I was three years old when Star Trek TOS, or as we called it in my house- Star Track, began its voyage into television history. It’s a part of my life and always will be. If Paramount and Namco Bandai screw this up then it’s possible since the precedent of the Aliens games that the market will occasionally be beset with what I can only think of as the video game equivalent of toothless zombies. Games which seem to shuffle and shamble on no matter how much they seem capable of merely sucking. We’ll have to wait to see if they send advance copies for review and/or for April 23rd on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC to know if they avoided the cross-media-video-games-suck curse.

The plot calls for Kirk and Spock to “encounter” the beautiful and brainy female Vulcan scientist T’Mar as they seek to rescue a “mysterious space station” headed towards catastrophe. According to insiders T’Mar plays an important role in the game. Plus, gorgeous Vulcan hottie for anyone who cares. Right? Well… if you’re really into hot Vulcans you may be disappointed. I ask you, What is the point of a Vulcan character whose ears one never sees? Aren’t they just a cold, cranky human? Aren’t they just Mark Wahlberg with arguably smaller breasts? Take a look.

An earless Vulcan character design. I WILL reserve judgement! I WILL!

An earless Vulcan character design. I WILL reserve judgement! I WILL!

Paramount Senior Vice President and Executive Producer Brian Miller says,  “Her blend of incredible intelligence and unexpected beauty prove intriguing to Kirk.” Keith Dunn, Vice President and Executive Producer of his own brain says, “What a game changer!”

Eventually Kirk, Spock and T’Mar make their way to New Vulcan to visit T’Mar’s dad, a Vulcan leader and one of Spock’s childhood mentors named Surok.  “When we crafted this story we wanted to make sure the player realizes that the usually logical Spock can have very emotional connections to the ones he cares about,” adds MillerKeith Dunn adds, “So when we wrote Spock, we made him really Spock-like or ‘Spocky’, if you will.”

Surok with your ears so pointy...your daughter's an intergalactic hottie!

Surok with your ears so pointy…your daughter’s an intergalactic hottie!

Stay tuned for more information about Star Trek The Video Game including more details about how it’s a Star Trek video game with characters from Star Trek and some new characters who also live in the Star Trek universe we’ll be meeting for the first time. Also a Doomsday device! But not like the episode from TOS with William Windom, this one is under the control of the Gorn and it’s called the Helios Device! And since all the pictures I found on the internet show Helios spelled in Greek and riding a flaming Sun chariot I’m going to go ahead and predict that this device is like an atomic bomb with a really big sun-like or “sunny” destructive power. Hmmmm….shades of the Genesis Device from Star Trek III: The Search For Spock? Maybe, maybe not.

“For players who want to simply enjoy the experience of playing as Kirk and Spock, Star Trek is going to be a great game experience,” Miller says. “But for those eager to dig deeper into a robust story, we hope it’s an adventure that will excite both longtime fans and game enthusiasts alike.” As for me, dear readers, I shall wait to see what the game holds before I judge it. I hope it’s deep and awesome. I am a fan so I want to enjoy it as much as I enjoy any Star Trek media. But if it’s terrible, I hope they’ll walk away and not resurrect it for purely cynical financial reasons. Either way, we will see next month.

If you missed my piece about fresh screens for the game from a short time ago you can find it here.

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Written by Keith Dunn-Fernández

Keith Dunn-Fernández

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