The Walking Dead Season 1 Coming to Vita


One of the most critically acclaimed games of last year, TellTale’s The Walking Dead is coming to the PlayStation Vita. IGN got the scoop from PlayStation’s Director of Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation Don Mesa, who said, “Having [a studio] like Telltale, a very successful indie developer, coming in to support us sends a strong message.”

Not much more information was revealed about the game’s release other than it will be out sometime this year. Hopefully with season 1 coming to the PS Vita this will open the window for season 2 on the Vita day one.


Source: IGN

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  • Can’t wait. Think it would be a lot of fun on the Vita.

  • ChazzH69

    That sounds great!

  • Too late to care, played twice on PS3 already.

  • the gaming market must be HUGE when it pays to port such old gems. not only the vita, also there are plenty of old ports hitting the wii u and ios.. and they still seem to sell well enough. personally, i will not purchase that game again. played it already on the ipad. and THAT version was already late.