Dragon’s Crown


Dragon’s Crown the upcoming 2-D hack and slash, beat’em up, side-scrolling RPG will be releasing this summer from developer Vanillaware and publisher ATLUS. Dragons’ Crown will be releasing for both the PlayStation 3 ($49.99) and PSVita ($39.99). No word on if there will be any cross buy discounts or if the game will support cross-saving functionality, but cross-play is not supported between the PlayStation 3 and PSVita. The game will offer up four-person cooperative play with a stunning 2-D visual style. You will be able to choose between six adventures in your quest of conquering monsters, titan, and dragons.

  • The Fighter, who uses his armor and quick-hitting attacks to tank and destroy enemies
  • The Dwarf, who specializes in getting up close and personal with grapple attacks
  • The Amazon, who moves quickly and wields a giant axe to unleash massive damage
  • The Wizard, who blasts fire at single targets or in pillars to incinerate foes
  • The Elf, who uses her bow and agility to launch devastating volleys and escape danger
  • The Sorceress, who uses ice magic and summoned skeletons to control the battlefield



Dragon’s crown will also offer up a challenge for all groups of adventures as they embark on their quest across the labyrinthine dungeons surrounding the medieval fantasy kingdom of Hydeland. As you explore more of this fantasy world NPC characters you meet along the way will come in to play with quests and tasks in your search for the Dragon’s Crown.

  • Safety in numbers – It’s not safe in the world of Hydeland, so it’s best not to go it alone. Up to four players or AI compatriots can delve into dungeons simultaneously by using either the drop-in multiplayer on PlayStation 3 or via adhoc network on PlayStation Vita. Cross-platform play is not supported.
  • If it’s not nailed down…– Expert thief NPC Rannie will join players on their adventures to pick locks, open treasure chests, reveal hidden passageways, and collect loot.
  • The skills to succeed – Massive skill tree options in Dragon’s Crown allows for plenty of custom-tailoring, whether it’s beefing up health or magic abilities or tweaking the abilities of the individual characters.






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