Ubisoft leaks price of PS4 game


I have done some digging and hidden in a webpage for a UPlay exclusive edition for the new Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. Which will be coming out on all current and next gen platforms but I have just found out the price for the game.

It will be the same as the current gen editions. Priced at £119.99 with the only difference being the PC version which will be £10 less. So there we have it, it looks like Ubisoft won’t be increasing their prices for next gen games. I expect the page to be changed very soon but here is the link to it: here.


Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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  • Jack Tretton already confirmed this for the US at least, didn’t he? I recall seeing an interview with him saying that software will range from $0.99 to $60.

    • ChazzH69

      That was at that time for first party software in the US. Everyone expected third party titles to be more expensive.

      • DarthDiggler


        Everyone expected third party titles to be more expensive.

        Base off of what? Pure speculation? 😛

        • ChazzH69

          A few ‘inside sources’ for other well known sites and an electronics analyst. That combined with the expected increases in manpower making the games and inflation, people assumed this would be the time publishers would try and take a few more dollars from us. 😛

    • James

      Too bad fat Jack has all the trademarks of a very bad liar. Overhype that will underdeliver once again.
      Every gen has seen the average price of a game go up. Next gen will be no different.

      • That’s why DLC exists.

        • ChazzH69

          That is a very good point. 🙂

  • I don’t think the industry could afford a price hike in games.

    • DarthDiggler

      I actually would like to see the publishers play more of a role in pricing. No reason why a game with a 20 million dollar budget should cost the same as a 100 million dollar budget.

      Same goes for the movies IMHO.

      • Movies have more chances to make their money back however. Mostly over the course of DVD/Bluray and television viewing. Plus re releases. Games sadly don’t have that chance. Maybe that is where digital distribution can help with sales of some of the “older” games sell more. PlayStation Plus may also.

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  • Holyfire

    Next gen will cost more one way or another. If the initial sale prices dont rise, expect to be seeing a lot more DLC. Anyone noticed in recent years DLC packs exploding into the scene?
    No more days where a game would be produced and sold as is

    • I believe DLC will be their answer or packages like Season Passes. Maybe even more so of less game on the disc, buy the rest as DLC. Which is even scary.

  • UselessDM

    Well, the picture clearly shows some kind of collectors edition, I don’t see how that indicates the price of the normal version at all.

    • ChazzH69

      The point is about the difference between the current and next gen and the fact that it’ll be the same price. But it does relate to other versions staying in line with pricing, it makes sense that the standard edition will be the same price across different generations.

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