Impressions of the first Battlefield 4 Trailer (trailer included)


After being teased by Dice and EA with the “prepare 4 battle” videos, we are
finally being treated with gameplay of the upcoming Battlefield 4. The first thing I noticed,
and anyone who watches the video notices, is that the graphics look so much better
than the previous games. It’s not just a small jump in visuals though, as the Frostbite 3 engine is
simply stunning. From the beams of light coming through and old building illuminating
the dust to the violent explosions and character models, everything just looks so much

The combat looks like what you would expect from a Battlefield game, I did
notice that the main weapon being used had a medium range sight and iron sights
offset to the side. I’m not sure if DICE would incorporate this into the multiplayer for
balancing reasons, since for now it’s all speculation.

Later into the demo, we see a firefight in a construction site and witness a
new gameplay mechanic. We can now spot enemies and our squad mates will provide
cover fire, allowing us to flank around and catch the enemy by surprise or call in fire
support from a helicopter. I can’t tell if this will be available at any point in the game or if
it will be only in certain parts. The fight in the construction site leads up a building and
lets us see the real destructive nature of Frostbite 3. While the crumbling of the building
was clearly scripted, the blowing out of windows and chunks of wall looked amazing. I
really hope DICE can deliver more in terms of destructible environments than what was
in Battlefield 3.

The last thing that was showcased was a driving sequence that reminded me of
the driving in Medal of Honor: Warfighter. I noticed while driving, you could take
alternate routes on your way to your destination. Hanging out the driver side of the
vehicle to shoot a grenade launcher at an attack helicopter is always a plus in my book!

My final opinion on this gameplay for Battlefield 4 is quite favorable. The new Frostbite 3
engine looks great, but they did show PC gameplay. When I went to look at the pre-
order, I didn’t notice a pre-order spot for next generation consoles. But I’m sure they will
announce more later on, maybe at E3?

Written by Vinny McNab

Vinny McNab

Been playing on a Playstation since 1995. Dayz fanatic both mod and standalone. One of the co-host of the PSNation Sideshow.

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