System Software v2.10 Coming to PS Vita


The PlayStation Vita is receiving system software update v2.10 today in North America and in the EU tomorrow. The update looks to add a decent amount of  features that Vita owners have been asking for. Check out the list of features below.

  • Create folders to help manage application icons on the home screen, up to 10 icons in each folder and a max of 100 on the home screen (includes icons inside the folders).
  • Identify which memory card is currently in the system using the Home screen info bar.
  • Memory Cards now save home screen icon layout.
  • Video playback in web browser, memory card is required and not all videos are compatible.
  • Email enhancements include, HTML messages displayed, add multiple email addresses to contacts, and improved search.
  • “Mute Automatically” option mutes speakers when headset is unplugged and pauses music in the music app.
  • PS Plus Features- Automatically update PlayStation Mobile format software and upload save data onto online storage over 3G.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  • Folder thing is nice I guess. A lot of people seem to want that for some reason.

    • MJC

      Cuts down on clutter. I know I use folders on my PS3 for that reason. I have a Plus folder, App folder, Games folder, and Retro(PsOne games) folder.

      • I guess. It be nice to hide some of the icons you don’t use but can’t get rid of (hello Welcome Park).

  • ChazzH69

    Memory card icon layout being saved is excellent. Now Sony just needs to release the 64GB card.

    • RV

      Now i can use my extra 4gig card for some of the psone and smaller games

    • Ramen_4_Life

      At a reasonable price, one would hope.
      Not that I’m holding my breath on that…

    • Ibi Salmon

      No way! The cost would probably be $200.

    • Weren’t they suppose to lower the prices of the cards? I see this as a big reason Vita is being held pack. Its almost like buying half of your console again for a card.

      • ChazzH69

        It was apparently planned that the 64GB card would release at a later date and we would have probably seen a slight price reduction for the lower card sizes at the same time. I would look towards E3 for more news on this.

  • is it now possible to use more than 1 memory card without having to setup the whole system again or changing the account or similar inconveniences?

  • Derek / Beaver6622