Free-to-Play Ridge Racer Coming to PS3


A new Ridge Racer game is coming to a PlayStation console and no it’s not a launch title for the PlayStation 4, it is actually a free-to-play game coming to the PlayStation 3 and PC.

Namco Bandai announced today that they will be experimenting with the free-to-play model for Ridge Racer Driftopia. Olivier Comte, Senior Vice President, of Namco Bandai Europe said, “Free-to-play is playing an increasingly important role, so it’s very exciting to be bringing one of our most successful franchises to the free-to-play space for everyone to enjoy.”

The game is being developed by the Ridge Racer Unbounded team, BugBear Entertainment. No release date was announced or what exactly you will be able to purchase in the free-to-play game, but a good guess would be car stuff.


Source: Namco Bandai 

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