New Wonderbook game or are we Waiting for Dinosaurs?


Well I was hunting around on the internet and stumbled across a job listing which, at first glance is of no importance, but look closer and you’ll see it’s for Sony‘s London Studio, to work on a new project for Wonderbook. It mentions the ‘candidate should have experience of all aspects of the level creation process including level layout, modelling, texturing and lighting’. It also states ‘Work demonstrating outdoor environments (Trees, Rocks, Landscapes) required’.

It must be the elusive BBC – Walking with Dinosaurs game that hasn’t really been mentioned since last years E3. Yeah, that must be it. Hold on, that would mean Sony hasn’t fully started working on the game until now, almost a year after it’s annoucement. I guess we’ll be Waiting for Dinosaurs!

Wait… Isn’t Supermassive Games making the Walking with Dinosaurs game in collaboration with the BBC. This job listing is for a position based over 30 miles away in a different studio. Plus their only job listing is for a Animation Programmer totally unrelated to this listing. So all of this must be a new unannounced Wonderbook game, probably to be shown at this years E3.

As mentioned in my earlier post about Diggs Nightcrawler, I think Sony seem to be holding off their US Wonderbook titles for the PS4 launch, which makes sense as it’ll have all of the Wonderbook required tech (except for the actual book of course) bundled with each console. Almost relaunching Wonderbook for the PS4. Which could also explain the delay in this games Development?

So are we going to be waiting for Dinosaurs or have another brand new title in the works for Wonderbook? I guess Sony will let us know at E3? Tell us what you are hoping for in the comments section below.

Job listing source can be found here.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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