Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler

Diggs Nightcrawler will be released in EU from 29th May 2013, exclusively on Wonderbook for PlayStation 3. So what is Diggs all about you may ask? From the minds of Oscar-winning animation studio turned game developer Moonbot Studios, Diggs Nightcrawler tells the story of a detective bookworm who works for the godfather of Library City, Humpty Dumpty. Many of you will be familiar with his story – someone has only gone and pushed him off the wall. To make matters worse, some highly unorganised police officials known as the Three Little Pigs are trying to pin the crime on Diggs.

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So you’ll have to help Diggs solve the crime by moving and altering his world which turns out is literally in your hands**, thanks  to the Wonderbook.

Now some of you may have noticed I didn’t mention the US release date and that’s because Sony have only stated ‘this holiday’ which is when the PS4 will be out. I know that sounds crazy, but the Wonderbook needs the PlayStation Eye camera and the Move controller, which has a small install base on the PS3 but will be included on the PS4.* It also adds another game to the new consoles launch line-up.

*The PlayStation 4 will include a dual lens camera which is more advanced than the PlayStation Eye.
**Sadly for legal reasons I have to point out that the game is only displayed on the TV and not directly from the Wonderbook.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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