Borderlands 2 New DLC Revealed, Priced And Dated


So Gearbox tweeted a picture this afternoon and now the cat’s out of the bag. The next DLC for Borderlands 2 will be Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. In it, Tiny Tina sits the Vault Hunters down for a rousing game of “Bunkers and Badasses”, a thinly veiled take on Dungeons and Dragons.

This was the game I got to play last week with one of the developers in New York. Unfortunately, my impressions of the time spent with it are still under wraps but we’ll have a good write-up in the next few weeks when the embargo lifts along with an interview on an upcoming podcast.

The new DLC will be available June 25th and will be included in the Borderlands 2 Season Pass or available separately for $9.99.

Here is the picture that went up on Twitter (which has since been taken down):

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