Dubstep Sound Pack and more in Sound Shapes DLC


The sun is shining and summer is here and to celebrate that we are getting new Sound Shapes DLC. Below is a video showing off the awesome sound packs, ’80s and Dubstep.

The ’80s pack from the times when the world was saying goodbye to disco and hello to pop. Or Dubstep, a genre of electronic dance music that originated in South London.

Both packs each include new notes, loops, five new Beat School levels, and five trophies.

And later this month there will be a special installment of the Milkcrate, our carefully curated collection of Community levels. What’s so special? Well, they asked some of their favorite people to hand-pick their favorite levels, write up liner notes, design custom album artwork, and send them your way – people like:

  • Japanese media artist Baiyon
  • Indie music label Ghostly International
  • Game site Gamespot
  • The kings of digital cool at TheVerge.com
  • And the fifth is Queasy-curated (we’re still special, right?)

Pretty rad if we say so ourselves, and there are many more guest-curated Milkcrate albums coming soon. Stay tuned.

Both Sound Packs are available tomorrow, 15th May, for £0.79/€0.99 (today in the US for $0.99) each on the PlayStation Store (PS3 and PS Vita) and the Milkcrate albums are coming on 28th May as a free update (they’ll appear like magic when you log in).


Some information was taken from the PlayStation Blog

Written by Chazz Harrington

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