Metro: Last Light Season Pass and DLC Detailed


Finished Metro: Last Light yet and wanting more? Well you’re in luck because 4A Games is planning to release 4 different DLC packs over the summer.

  • The Faction Pack and the Chronicles Pack are new single player gameplay that expands on the Metro: Last Light world. Expect the Faction Pack sometime in June.
  • The Tower Pack adds “unique solo challenges” aimed at veterans of the game.
  • Developer Pack gives “creative players interesting tools with which to explore the world of Metro.”
  • Addition weapon called Abzats, “a semi-automatic shotgun rifle with a devastating secondary fire mode that unleashes six shells in one blast.”

These four packs will be sold separately or if you want to throw the money down now there is a Season Pass available for $14.99. Additionally, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber you can get an additional 25% off from now till June 4th(US) and June 5th(EU).

Some PR Talk that explains the DLC a little more:

“Artyom’s story may have been concluded in Metro: Last Light, but there are other characters with stories to tell, some familiar locations that fans of the Metro series wanted to revisit, and some new challenges that 4A wanted to explore, said Andrew Prokhorov, Creative Director at 4A Games. Since completing the game we have been working on these new stories and hope to release them throughout the summer.”

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Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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