Housemarque Working on Super Stardust Spiritual Successor


Housemarque have confirmed they are developing a “spiritual successor” to the much loved PSN title, Super Stardust HD. This still unnamed title will be developed exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

“We are super excited to be working on Sony’s next-gen hardware,” said Housemarque’s CEO Ilari Kuittinen. “The platform’s performances are enabling us to do things that wouldn’t be possible otherwise and we truly believe that better technology can lead to better gameplay. The more tools and resources we have at our disposal, the better. Think of Super Stardust HD: at the time, PlayStation 3 gave us the opportunity to populate the game with thousands of interactive objects and implement the game’s famous ‘spherical gameplay’. Today, we can take advantage of the architecture of PlayStation 4 to create incredible visuals with direct impact on the way the new game feels.”

Housemarque also announced that they have a second title in development for the PlayStation 4, but are not ready to detail that project just yet. We can expect more information on both titles in the coming months. 

Source: Housemarque’s site


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  • Can’t wait. I love Super Stardust. Hoping it also gets a Vita version again.

  • Joshy SmexyBeast Seals

    Looking forward to this. Killed a lot of time trying to top my friends high scores in Super Stardust and the visuals were stunning even with all the chaos happening on screen.