Developer Interview: Lucid Games on ‘Jacobs Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery’


Kept hidden until a week or so before it’s release. Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery burst onto the PlayStation Vita Store and into our hearts. You can check out my review here, and read all about what makes this game so good. But do that after you’ve read this awesome interview with the guys at Lucid Games.

PS Nation: Lucid Games is a very new company with experienced developers, what made you want to start up your own game development studio?

Well we previously worked at Bizarre Creations, developers of the PGR Franchise, Blur and James Bond who were closed down as a developer in Feb 2012. Eight of the senior guys  decided at that point that we wanted to continue working together as a team, and so Lucid Games was formed. We’re currently working on Jacob Jones and another soon to be announced title that we can’t talk about right now.

PS Nation: Where did the idea for Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery come from?

Jacob -Jones-BWSony had mentioned to us that they thought a puzzle game would work really well on the Vita, so we took that basic idea away and thought about how we’d go about creating that kind of game on touch screen devices and what kind of story would fit into a puzzle world.

We talked to a lot of puzzle writers about the types of puzzles we could create, and that gave us the confidence that we could collaborate and produce a great puzzle game.

PS Nation: I love the art style in the game, who was the driving force behind that?

Chris our Art Director came  up with the style for the game, he’s really interested in paper craft and vinyl toys, and within a week he’d come up with a concept image that looks almost exactly like the finished game, so we always had a strong visual direction to work with from the start.

PS Nation: What made you want to do an episodic adventure?

As a small team building a 10-15hr game in one go would be a huge task, and it would also mean we’d have to ask a high price for it.

Building it as episodes means we can keep the cost relatively low but also it meant we could create lots of cliff-hangers, and give the player a good bite sized chunk of the story to experience with each episode.

It also means we can react to players feedback and our analytics, we can see what types of puzzles people like and what they don’t like,  and we can begin to tailor the experience to what the players enjoy.

PS Nation: Would you ever consider releasing a special edition boxed version (retail version) with all the episodes?  I know I’d double dip!

We’d love to, but we’d definitely need the help of Sony to do that!

PS Nation:  Would we ever see Jacob Jones on the PlayStation 4?

Personally I think it would translate well to the PS4 as a digital download and I think there’s a huge amount we could with the world and characters on different devices, so watch this space, who knows where Jacob could end up!

Jacob -Jones-UK

PS Nation: Will there be any other Jacob Jones adventures after these episodes?

We hope so, we have lots of ideas of where Jacob and Biggie could go next, I’d love to seem him in the UK on his next summer vacation!

PS Nation: Thank you for your time. 

Jacob Jones and the Bigfoot Mystery is available on PlayStation Vita & iOS in their respective stores. Don’t forget to check out  my review here.

Written by Chazz Harrington

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