Heads-up: The Last of Us Demo from God of War: Ascension Now Live


Just a quick heads up to those dying to get their hands on The Last of Us, if you own God of War Ascension the demo is now available for you to download.

In order to play the demo do the following

  1. Start up God of War Ascension 
  2. Launch “The Last of Us Demo
  3. You will then be sent to the PlayStation Store to download and install a 132mb client
  4. Launch The Last of Us Demo from the XMB and then the whole demo will start downloading(2241mb)
  5. Play!

The demo is a level called “Outskirts” in which Joel, Ellie, and Tess run into the infected including Runners and Clickers. Exploration and scavenging will be a must as you try and find an offensive or defensive advantage against the infected.

For Glenn’s hands-on impression of The Last of Us from Judges Day click here.

The Last of Us is due out on June 14th exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

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  • way2easy

    Yes,but will my MGS2 demo work now? (it’s the only reason I bought ZOE after all…)

  • Vitali

    How come I cannot find this on UK PSN Store?

    • MJC

      You need to own God of War Ascension. That’s why the title says “Demo From God of War Ascension”