PlayStation Plus June Update (US)


With the new month starting, comes an update on what’s new in PlayStation Plus. So without further ado here is what’s coming and what’s going in June for PlayStation Plus in the US.

New in June:

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution(PS3) Coming June 4th
  • Machinarium(PS3)
  • Saints Row: The Third(PS3)
  • Orc Attack(Vita)
  • Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward(Vita)

Sales for PlayStation Plus members on June 4th:

  • 50% off Let’s Fish: Hooked On($10.00)
  • 40% 0ff Portal 2($9.59)
  • 10% off Grid 2($53.99)
  • 40% off Portal 2 in Motion($4.79)

Expiring in June:

  • June 4th- Sleeping Dogs
  • June 11th- Closure
  • June 11th- Ratchet & Clank All 4 One
  • June 11th- inFamous 2
  • June 11th- LittleBigPlanet 2
  • June 18th- SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny
  • June 25th- BlazBlu: Continuum Shift Extend

As you can see a lot of content will be leaving this month specifically stuff that has been available since last year’s E3. Paul Sullivan, Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms, said, “Not all games coming in and out are listed. Keep checking up on us for some more additions to the list.” So maybe we will get some more information on PlayStation Plus next week when the E3 madness begins.

Source: US PlayStation Blog 


Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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