‘Limbo’ launches on Vita as a cross-buy title


Limbo developer Playdead has confirmed the title will be cross-buy enabled.

Following its release announcement last week, it was unknown whether gamers would have to pay for the game again. The subsequent silence from both developer and the PS Blog made that seem an unfortunate certainty.

However, on the game’s US Vita launch day, it’s been announced that one PSN purchase will grant access to both versions of the game. Good news for the many that already picked it up on PS3 last year.



Written by Raj Mahil

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  • MastaMold

    Very good news, now i’ll play again on my PS Vita

  • way2easy

    Great, another reason to have have to spend the stupid amount of money on a new vita memory card. Seriously Sony! $150 for a 32gb?
    Best move Sony could do to make the vita more popular would be include a 32gb card with each system.

    (oh yeah Limbo, great game. Yay!)