PS4 Priced at $399/€399/£349 (Updated)


Sony was on a roll towards the end of their press conference and they ended with the price of the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 will be priced at $399/€399/£349. Specifics on the SKU details were not detailed nor was a concrete date given. The PlayStation 4 will release this Holiday in the United States and Europe.


According to the Japanese PlayStation site the PS4 will feature a 500GB hard drive. 

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  • Jason Thornton

    Pre Ordered Mine Via your Amazon link tonight, great idea to have that guys

    • MJC

      The site thanks you.

    • Thank you so much, big help to us 🙂

  • kimber86

    Great price….still no mention of how big the hard drive is gonna be. Will we need to buy a hard drive separately ala vita memory card

    • MJC

      500gb I believe is what has been confirmed. I’ll update the post when I can grab a couple sources.

  • That is an awesome price. Sucks no release date, but not a huge deal, least we got the price.

  • MJC

    I am still shocked at how well Sony did tonight. I was on board with the the whole show and this price just got me to pre-order. This will be my 1st console pre-order ever.

  • way2easy

    Alright just AU$550! That’s great… wait, no…. that’s still $150 more then the US is paying! It actually kind of sucks as the xbone is only $100 more in Australia then the US price. Still, who would want one of those?