Reaction to the Microsoft Press Event


In an effort to keep things “fair” I decided that I would only record my reactions to what I saw at the XBOX event today. You’ll have to figure out what I’m reacting to.

– Everything is so green, but not with envy.
– I can’t believe that all of these people came to watch TV here.
– You said 9:30 liar!
– This is SO LOUD!
– That sounds a lot like Hayter
– That game looks awesome
– I thought it was supposed to be 15?
– Another one?!?!
– But, I can play this for free on my PC.
– OK, too much subwoofer
– The PS3 game kinda sucked though
– The nerds had better get their inhalers
– OMG, are they actually trying to make a God of War clone?!
– ‘in the interest of time’
– OK, that’s cool. I loved the original.
– Well, this was inevitable
– ‘can ONLY be done on XBOX One’ really?…
– That’s not how cloud processing works
– Traitor! I miss you 🙁
– They know how to make good games.
– Populous with voice commands?
– I just yawned. This is seriously boring me.
– Yeah, they’re not copying LBP at all…
– We can see the teleprompter, and its telling her when to click things
– GameDVR huh, where’d they get that idea from…
– I’m not playing that with Kinect. Pew pew pew
– Hey look, zombies
– Thank goodness that flashlight was on the bathroom floor
– and that chainsaw in the gym
– ahhhh Smartglass
– I’m seeing this game on Weds.
– Gorgeous visuals for sure
– We’d better see this on PS4 tonight
– Game of the Decade
– it would have been nice to keep these guys on PlayStation 🙁
– Is someone using the force?
– Wow, $500?

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Written by Glenn Percival

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