The Crew – A new racing game from Ubisoft


Ubisoft show off a new racing game called the Crew which is coming to next gen platforms in which you and some friends take on the world.

the-crew-ubisoft-001the-crew-ubisoft-002Featuring a wide variety of landscapes to race, with tons of customization. In an online persistent world across the whole USA, you race from the police and take on trials to earn cash and cars. You can send invites to people online to help you out on a tough mission.

You can use a tablet to make changes to your cars and more.

An advanced customization system where you see the car being stripped down and rebuilt in front of your very eyes. Could this be a real contender against EA’s Need for Speed. Only time will tell.


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  • JC

    Now THIS looks more like Burnout: Paradise City! I’ll be keeping my eyes on this

  • To me I thought this was a PS3 or 360 game. Was surprised when they said it was next gen. Not that it looked bad, just nothing that was “wow”.