PlayStation 4 Hardware Pictures


Last night Sony unveiled what the PlayStation 4 console design will look like so without further ado here is the PlayStation 4.



The PlayStation 4 will be available in the Untied States and Europe this holiday season for $399/€399/£349.

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  • Joey McPherson

    that was an amazing E3.. sony destroyed MS.. i love it..

  • Still not sure how I feel about the look. It’s not ugly, but I miss that elegance that Sony use to put into their machines. This is kind of plain for them. And god I hope that LED on the top is not very bright and can be shut off. Can one of you guys (being Glenn) at E3 ask if it can be shut off?

    • Twinturbo120

      I highly doubt it.

  • way2easy

    My God! It’s full of stars!