‘Trials’ finally arrives on PlayStation



The latest game in the Trials series – subtitled Fusion – will be available on PlayStation 4.

Trials HD and Trials Evolution were both excellent games this generation, but due to being published by Microsoft Studios, were exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Now though, Ubisoft has announced the incredibly addictive game will be going multi-platform. Furthermore, a mobile version (Trials Frontier) is also on the way and will interact with the next-gen title.

Check out the trailer below, which shows Fusion is looking even crazier than its predecessors:

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  • I can not wait I love Trials.

  • way2easy

    I remember playing Trials 2 on PC way back when but not having an xbox has kept me away since then. Great news to see it coming to PS4.
    The mobile game means I can stop playing the second rate Trial Extreme games on my phone.