Hotline Miami Out Next Week for PS3 and Vita


The smash hit PC game from 2012 launches next week on PS3 and Vita next week with Cross-Buy for $9.99/£7.29/€8.99.

Hotline Miami is not just a port of the original game it contains extra bells and whistles like an exclusive new mask, Russell the Raging Bull. When players find and wear the mask it turns the world black and white except for the blood and neon text. In addition to the exclusive mask the game features all new leaderboards for each level, trophies, and touch support for the Vita version that lets players control lock-on targeting.

Hotline Miami for the PS3 and Vita was developed by the trio of developers Dennaton Games, Abstraction Games, and Devolver Digital and will release on June 25th on PSN.


Source: PlayStation Blog

Written by Michael Cwick

Michael Cwick

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