Review: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The Complete Second Season (DVD)


Title: Todd & The Book of Pure Evil: The Complete Second Season
Format: DVD
Release Date: June 25, 2013
Studio: Entertainment One
Price: $19.98
Number of Discs: 2
Language: English
Subtitles: English
MPAA Rating: NR

Audio Review:
The audio review for this DVD is available on Episode 324 of the podcast.

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil was a Canadian TV show that ran for two seasons from 2010-2012. Set in the fictional Crowley High School, the story centers around Todd and three of his friends as they battle the Book of Pure Evil. With shades of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Evil Dead brimming with some wonderfully filthy language, the show is pure horror-comedy.


If you missed the first season, (it’s available cheap at Amazon right now), the town where Todd and his friends live was founded by Satanists and the Book of Pure Evil hadn’t been seen for decades. It mysteriously shows up in the High School, always appearing to a downtrodden or depressed student, giving them what they most want with a horrible twist that usually leads to loads of carnage. The book then flies away and disappears until another student needs it (at the start of the next episode). Really, you should watch the first season before jumping right into the second or you’ll be a bit lost and at $6, it’s well worth it.

Todd appears to be the only one who can control the book and he may be “The Pure Evil One” which is why he and his friends are looking for it. Their biggest threat is from the school guidance counselor, Atticus Murphy, played brilliantly by Chris Leavins, who wants the book for his own evil purposes.


The second season picks up directly where the first one ended and ups the ante considerably. We learn more about the secret society that Atticus belongs to, more about Todd’s friend and sometimes mentor, Jimmy the Janitor, played by the incomparable Jason Mewes and even more about the three stoners that hang out in front of the school who alternately torment and advise Todd about the book and his destiny.

There are some really fun stories spread across the thirteen episodes including the video game themed Fisting Fantasy, a full on musical in 2 Girls, 1 Tongue and a time traveling adventure in The Toddyssey.


Shot for TV in a widescreen friendly 1.78:1, the show looks good. Obviously it’s not a major motion picture with a big Hollywood budget, but for a small Canadian show filmed in Winnipeg, it looks great on DVD.

English is the only language option here with English subtitles as an option. When the show was originally shot, they did alternate takes on any of the scenes containing the more adult language so it could be aired earlier in the day. None of that is here and while it would have been cool to see how they toned down some of the shows, I don’t really miss any of it.


Bonus Features:
This is why you get the DVD over Netflix. Some great features are included here (all on Disc 2) that really make a purchase worth it.

  • Deleted and Extended Scenes (11:53) – 17 scenes that can be watched individually or together with Play All
  • Extended Musical Numbers (5:45) – Extended and alternate takes on four numbers from 2 Girls, 1 Tongue
  • Special FX Bonus Material (3:03) – Behind the scenes look a three gruesome scenes that can be watched individually or together with Play All
  • Blooper Reel (5:40) – From all 13 episodes
  • In Memoriam : A tribute to the fallen students of Crowley High (1:20) – Set up just like a tribute reel from The Oscars showing each of the students and how they died
  • Script To Screen Featurette (16:58) – Behind the scenes look at the writing and filming of Episode 0211: “B.Y.O.B.O.P.E.”
  • Cast Q&A (15:44) – On set interviews with the cast and crew
  • Three Audio Commentaries with Cast & Crew: Full audio commentaries on “Simply The Beast”, “See You Later, Masturbator” and “Black Tie Showdown”


Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is a grossly fun romp through a very troubled High School. Well worth it for fans of comedy-horror, the scripts really allow the actors to shine and none more than Chris Leavins as Atticus Murphy.

Unfortunately, the show wasn’t picked up for a third season so until the crowd funded animated film gets off the ground to complete Todd’s journey, the DVDs are the best we have.


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Written by Josh Langford

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