Review: Deadpool (PS3)


Title: Deadpool
Format: Blu-ray Disc / PlayStation Network Download (5.3 GB)
Release Date: June 25, 2013
Publisher: Activision
Developer: High Moon Studios
Price: $49.99
ESRB Rating: M
Deadpool is also available on PC and Xbox 360.
The PlayStation 3 version was used for this review.

Deadpool the game is crass, juvenile, and just down right silly which means High Moon studios pretty much nailed the character.  Deadpool is a popular mercenary in the Marvel universe known for his duel wielding katanas and pistols as well as having a psychotic fourth wall breaking personality.  Deadpool tends to be a polarizing character in the Marvel Universe because of his wild antics and that will most likely be the case with this game. You either love Deadpool or hate Deadpool.

Deadpool the game starts with Deadpool in his apartment calling the developers at High Moon Studios inquiring about making his own video game which they refuse only to have Deadpool force them to do so anyway. From there you take control of Deadpool and mess about in his apartment in various ways till the game’s script it delivered, like calling Nolan North to see if he will be the voice actor in the game. Once the script is delivered Deadpool edits/ignores the script and the game begins. In terms of story it doesn’t really have much depth more than giving Deadpool a platform to act bat-shit crazy.

Throughout the game, Deadpool crosses paths with various Marvel heroes like Cable, Wolverine, Rogue, and Death, and villains like Arclight and Mr. Sinister. Mr. Sinister has an evil plot of some kind, but when Cable explains that plot to Deadpool he just hears a muffled Charlie Brownesque sound. So again there isn’t much depth to the story, but that is okay because Deadpool is more about having silly fun. Deadpool always has a joke or gag ready at almost every turn in the game either aimed at the other characters, the developers, or even the player. Not all jokes land in the game, but there are a handful of laugh out loud moments spread across the game that win you over.


Deadpool plays like your standard beat-em up using light and heavy melee attacks as well as guns to build combos which give you DP points/cash. These points can be used to upgrade your character and weapons and buy additional weapons like hammers, machine guns, grenades, etc. The combat in Deadpool is not stylish like a DmC by any means despite having a similar arsenal(swords and guns). The best way for me to describe the combat is that it is competent and serviceable. There is nothing inherently wrong with the combat it’s just nothing special. You build up momentum while fighting which unlocks special moves that are a good way to clear an area or regain your health because enemies cannot hit you while you do the special. Deadpool has a counter button that doubles as his teleporter which you can use in a limited capacity because it needs to recharge after three uses. The counter works well with some occasional frustration when you don’t teleport exactly where you wanted or expected to.

Most of the game is played out in a series of corridors and arenas that Deadpool goes through and kills everyone in his path. There are events that happen in the game that do break up the repetitive areas like turret sections and some other gags and jokes I do not wish to spoil. There are platforming bits throughout the game that aren’t very good because the platforming is not a well executed or fun mechanic and will from time to time drag on for a little too long. Platforming does slightly improve towards the end of the game when your teleporter can be used to hop around, but sadly that happens so late in the game it doesn’t make up for the earlier parts.

Even though I do sound negative about the gameplay I still had fun with the game because none of it is broken or terrible and Deadpool is constantly breaking the fourth wall and cracking jokes which makes going through the game enjoyable regardless of its faults.


Deadpool is not going to win any beauty contests as nothing really stands out visually other than the character designs which are mostly classic Marvel characters.Level designs tend to be on the generic side as Deadpool takes place mostly in office buildings, sewers and a destroyed Genosha. There are some creative and fun moments in the game for example turning into an old school top down Zelda game for a couple minutes because Deadpool spent too much of the budget in the previous level. When Death makes her appearance in the game, level design does change up nicely and give are really enjoyable moments as they come at a point in the game where your are wanting something different and refreshing.

The voice acting is the brightest point of the game. Nolan North reprises his role as Deadpool and Deadpool’s multiple personalities, Nolan North genuinely sounds like he had fun doing the recording. He gives an amazing performance in this game and really brings the crazy comic book character to life. So if you ever wanted to hear Nolan North(Nathan Drake) say crazy crazy things this game has that covered. There are some funny music moments in the game like when Deadpool asks for a theme song and gets a Shaft style song or Cable’s introduction music. Other than a couple music moments like that the soundtrack is filled with run of the mill rock music in the background that fits the flow the game pretty well and never becomes annoying or overbearing.

Deadpool features Challenge Maps that include online leaderboards. Challenge Maps are arenas where you battle wave after wave of enemies and are ranked by how long you survive and the score you accumulate during that time. With the lackluster combat the Challenge Maps do not really add much to the overall experience of the game.


Despite Deadpool’s shortcomings I did enjoy the game a lot. I have been a Deadpool fan since I was a little kid and it was fun to see him have his own game. The humor really shines even if it is crass, juvenile,and silly because that is what makes Deadpool stand out in the Marvel Universe. He is a character that doesn’t take things too serious in a world where everything is too serious. It is refreshing to play a game that is aware that it’s a game and takes advantage of that.The humor won’t work for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that because this game is meant for a certain audience and caters to them. So if you are a fan of Deadpool from the comics you will enjoy this game, if you find him annoying or never heard of him before this game probably isn’t for you and that’s okay. In the end Deadpool does a good job at being Deadpool.


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Written by Michael Cwick

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