Sony and Insomniac Games Teasing New Project


Looks like the rumors of an Insomniac Games and Sony rift are false because yesterday and today both parties put out this teaser image.



With the Tagline “When worlds collide, heroes return” a lot of fans are speculating a mash-up game of some kind while others are pointing to a cancelled Ratchet & Clank game called Nexus. Whatever this turns out to be we will not have to wait long to find out because Insomniac is promising big news tomorrow.

Are Sony and Insomniac on good terms after all and what could they be teasing? Take your guesses in the comments.



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  • Joshy SmexyBeast Seals

    I could see this being some form of mash up that could include Rachet & Clank seeing the Stargate looking portal in the back. Or at least I hope it is

  • The looks like a Stargate.