Sony’s 4-Pillar Approach for PS4 and Vita


This generation more than ever before, Sony is making it a point to involve and support developers while easing the overall process for indie devs especially.  A “4-Pillar approach” to publishing has been outlined by SCEE’s Senior Account Manager of Development, Agostino Simonetta.

  1. “Every developer is a publisher”
  2. “Equality of opportunity”
  3. “Personal relationship”
  4. “No hurdles, just games”

Sony is sticking to their “games first” promise and reinforcing those ideals by cutting out the red tape involved in game creation.  If this is the type of approach that will lead to more of the fantastic PSN games we’re used to, I’m all for it!

Source: engadget

Written by Emrah Rakiposki

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