PlayStation Plus EU – August update


Entering PlayStation Plus for August, we have some brilliant games. As you may have guessed for the banner image, first up is Need for Speed: Most Wanted which I think everyone can agree, is a brilliant addition to anyones collection. Then we have the brilliant When Vikings Attack for PS Vita, but seeing as it’s a cross-buy game I shouldn’t see why you couldn’t get it for the PS3 after. Here is the full line up which will be available from the 31st of July:

Tell us what you think of this coming months selection in the comments below. Information taken from the PS EU Blog.

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  • Cory Bartell

    I’ll never not be jealous of the EU PS+ offerings.

    • ChazzH69

      When the service first started, everyone in the EU were insanely jealous of the US offerings, but for the longest time, it seems to have reversed. Sorry.

  • Makai Ookami

    I’m entirely not jealous. Would really like Little King Story over here or something though. I hope they don’t put Persona 4 Golden up free any time soon. Haven’t played it enough. T_T

  • Wow, another amazing update. I only currently own Mafia 2 (which is a fantastic game btw) so once again I’m effectively getting my year’s subscription cost back in only one update. PS+ is definitely the best gaming deal out there.

    • ChazzH69

      Agreed, PS Plus is great, Sadly the only one I don’t own is Mafia 2. But I’m still happy everyone gets to experience some more great games.