Free ‘Retro City Rampage’ update goes live today

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Hit PSN title Retro City Rampage has received an exciting new update.

The free patch is already live and adds two key features; RETRO+ Mode and Prototype Version. Brian Provinciano, developer of RCR, wrote about them on the PS Blog:

“The “RETRO+” Enhanced Graphics Mode gives RCR a neo-retro boost with dynamic shadows, doubling the colors on screen. The shadows and increased contrast help sprites pop like never before. For purists, the original 8-bit mode is still there in all its glory, but if you’re ready for a slight retro remix, RETRO+ is a great new way to enjoy the game.

““ROM” City Rampage, an 8-bit hardware-accurate prototype has also been added. Drive around Theftropolis with the strict limitations of 1980s hardware, sprite flicker and all. Compare side by side how closely Retro City Rampage adheres to classic hardware and where it strays, and see what really was possible in 1989. See what actually could’ve been released on cartridge, had someone come up with the idea back then!
To access it, simply go to Nolan’s Arcade or Doc Choc’s house and find the in-game video game machine. Play the 8-bit game from within the psedudo-8-bit game! 8-bit-ception!”

Furthermore, the incredible indie game has been included in the PSN Summer Sale. Available as a cross-buy title, the download is $4.99 right now, granting you access to both the PS3 and Vita versions of Retro City Rampage.

Written by Raj Mahil

Game collector. Journalism graduate. Batman addict. Movie goer. WWE nut. Sports obsessive. Arsenal fan. Sub-Editor.

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