PS Vita Firmware 2.60 Out Now


Sony rolled out firmware update 2.60 late last night for the Vita and here are the details.

  • Made uploading/downloading game saves from PlayStation Plus easier. Now you just tap the PlayStation Plus icon in each game’s LiveArea screen to upload and download saves. 
  • Now when you hold the PlayStation Button, a system settings menu pops up giving the user easy access to Flight Mode, Wifi Access, Mobile Network, Bluetooth connection, and Chat options.
  • Play content on connected devices without needing to copy content to the Vita.
  • Bluetooth Settings have been moved from Network Settings to Device Settings.
  • For a list of smaller feature revisions check out

What does everyone think of the latest changes with firmware update 2.60? Can you think of anything Sony missed or could upgrade?


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  • Jahonius

    Uhhh, any update is a good update. Would love to see Pogoplug support.

  • Vitali

    Come on media streaming support please!!!!!!!!