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Just yesterday Sherri Smith from Tom’s Guide posted her expert comparison of the XboxOne and PS4. According to Ms. Smith the PS4 wins with better scores in 6 categories out of ten possible. But oh how I disagree with one of her assessments: Subscription Services.

To quote from Smith’s piece:

Xbox Live Gold ($59.99 annually) subscribers have the added bonus of the Games with Gold program, which lets users download two selected titles a month for free. Other Gold perks include access to Skype, Game DVR, NFL on Xbox, and OneGuide, the One’s customized channel guide. In addition, the subscription offers SmartMatch, Microsoft’s new matchmaking system that claims to be faster and smarter.

I disagree! How are two triple D games each month any kind of bonus? Particularly when this perk is scheduled to cease in November of 2013? Microsoft had announced two triple A games for this program at E3 and then back-peddled on the titles as soon as the video streams stopped.

How is access to Skype a bonus behind a paywall when it’s FREE to all the land? Microsoft wants us to use iOS devices as second screens. Newsflash! THIS JUST IN! Those devices have SKYPE FOR FREE!

GameDVR, classy name by the way, is also behind a paywall but free on PS4 so how that’s a bonus I do not know.

NFL on Xbox. Ya got me there, Microsoft…for I own no antenna with which to get free signals from the air. But seriously, that’s probably worth something.

And now for the best reason to pay $59.99 each year: An on-screen TV Guide called One Guide which is another classic Microsoft money-maker. “Here’s your new One-Machine-Does-It-All! Oh? You want to SEE what’s on the television this device is hooked-up to? That’ll be $59.99.”

In my opinion, and that’s all this post is, my danged opinion… only one single thing of all the positives listed for XboxOne Live Subscription is a positive and I don’t even like football.

Smith then lists what she feels are the lesser-than offerings of PlayStation Plus memberships:

Not to be outdone, PlayStation will continue to offer its Instant Collection service to PlayStation Network Plus ($49.99 annually) members. Instant Collection gives members instant access to 18 free games (12  PlayStation 3 and 6 Vita). Sony adds new games each month, making the collection larger the longer you’re a member. Gold members also get up to a 75 percent discount. And best of all, one membership covers PS3, PS4 and Vita. Last-gen gamers don’t have to worry, as existing subscriptions will carry over to next-gen consoles. You can also play titles without a subscription on either system. However, multiplayer fans will have to subscribe to frag with friends.

Instant Collection has been in service for a very long time. It has awarded such PS3 games as Deus Ex, Infamous 2, StarHawk Single Player Campaign, Uncharted 3 Multiplayer, Battlefield 3 and on and on and is NOT scheduled to end at ANY time. It will grow in value as the PS4 matures.
Everything else is a mic drop!
Don’t want PS Plus? OK! You can still watch Netflix and HuluPlus unlike Xbox’s versions which are kept behind their paywall. The trick with online multiplayer for next gen is an even playing field inasmuch as you need to pay for the services to play with people online. But if you don’t like to play online with PS4 you can still do everything else! With XboxOne you can not. By a lot.



Written by Keith Dunn-Fernández

Keith Dunn-Fernández

An actor/director and more lucratively an Administrative Assistant at a small paper company in NYC, Keith loves his games. And he loves to write. And he is a bit of a sarcasmo.

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