Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Trailer and Cross-Gen Profile Transfer

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Infinity Ward decided that today will be the day to flood everyone with Call of Duty Ghosts information so here we go.

Up first the multiplayer trailer.

Customization + Squad Mode:

Customization will be a big thing in Call of Duty: Ghosts because now players will be able customize their soldier’s physical appearance which has over 20,000 different combinations as the player can now change everything from heads, body types, and gender. Players can create up to 10 different soldiers and earn XP towards Prestige for each solider. This will play a role in the new mode called Squads.

From the Press Release:

Players of all skill levels can take their squad of soldiers into Call of Duty: Ghosts’all-new third mode of play called Squads, where they can enlist to play solo, cooperatively up to 6-players, or competitively for one vs. one, head-on matches pitting players and their squads against others and their squads. Squads features a variety of play-types, allowing fans at any time to swap-out their custom A.I. soldiers with real friends for quick-action co-op. The competition can be fierce as squad soldiers display life-like, skilled tactics and behaviors like side-strafing, corner-camping, jump-shooting and more. Players, plus their squads, will earn XP, and if you’re offline, be prepared as your squad may get challenged for play without you.

Call of Duty Profile + Season Pass

Call of Duty:Ghosts will also allow players to use their Call of Duty profiles on current and next gen platforms. This means that if you play Ghosts on PS3 you can have your stats and upgrades transfer over to the PS4 version of the game using your Call of Duty account. And for a limited time this will apply to the Season Pass for Call of Duty: Ghosts. This just applies when going from PS3 to PS4 and Xbox 360 to Xbox One, so no jumping from one brand to another will be possible.

The Season Pass will cost $49.99 and include four map packs and Ghosts Team Leader Pack, which is basically a multiplayer skin of one of the main characters from the single player campaign. The Season Pass will be included in the Hardened Edition and Prestige Editions of the game as well as being sold on its own.

Call of Duty: Ghosts comes out on November 5th.



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