GTA V pictures Rockstar weren’t ready for us to see!


Since finding out the price for the PS4 version of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, I’ve been scouring the internet for more things that the games companies and publishers aren’t ready to show the world. I happened upon the new Grand Theft Auto V website today, which looks great. But something bothered me, several pictures were greyed out and darkened, I don’t like that.. I want to see them in all their glory. I know Rockstar will show us the pictures soon, I guess I’m just impatient.

So after inspecting thousands of lines of code, I got the pictures, which you can see here. I reckon the best ones are the interior view of the convenience store and the Vinewood sightseeing van.

These new screens bring up a few questions, can we steal from the stores – smaller cash amounts but also less risk? How in depth do the activities go, can we play a full round of golf? Can we steal that metal horse from the Rockford Hills shopping district?

convenience-stores country-clubs exciting-music-and-entertainment local-artisans lovely-accomodations security-and-peace-of-mind serenity-and-wellnes vehicle-customization upward-mobility the-great-outdoors sightseeing-and-celebrity shopping-and-glamour


Let us know in the comments section below which picture intrigues you the most?

UPDATE: I changed the title of this page to better reflect the content.

Written by Chazz Harrington

Chazz Harrington

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  • Colin Kelly

    Why did you go through thousands of lines of code? They images aren’t hidden just inspect and open div, the link for the image is right there

    • ChazzH69

      lol, thousands of lines of code sounds better than that, plus I scour each page for anything else which might be useful.

    • nate

      or go to resources in dev tools > frames > images to see all of them in one place. I’d say inspecting thousands of lines of code was a slight waste of time lol

  • wv06

    Playing golf with someone sounds awful. It was bad enough having to play pool and answer cell phone calls in gta4.

    • ChazzH69

      I think Rockstar listened to the complaints about those frickin’ phone calls. If done properly the side, optional activities could be good.

      I like the idea of wrecking someones online golf session by landing a jet on the green.

  • Matt

    The pic with the guy in headphones is by far the ugliest pic I’ve seen of this game… it gives the best impression of what the LOD is going to be in the distance.

    • ChazzH69

      lol, he doesn’t look good.

      • Matt

        He looks pouty… 🙁

        Maybe their representing people with under-bites?

  • BattleTorn

    You scoured thousand lines of code to find the photos R* have posted on their website – at this very fricken moment.
    So, basically – let me get this straight – your search found absolutely nothing new, (“that R* didn’t want us to see” smh) and figured you better make an article about it anyways..
    *slow caps* smh

    • ChazzH69

      Please go to the Rockstar page and look at the coming soon images, they are small, not easy to see and not even in color.

      All I did, was to get the original versions so they can be clearly seen. Please note, they are not in the screenshots section as normal images. Thank you for taking the time to comment and have a nice day. 🙂

  • mike

    This game looks insanely huge. Size and content.
    There must be so many many different things to do, or simply grabbing a motorbike or plane, and flying over the city,and then, some crazy base jump , etc… it’s almost limitless. We could easily be spending +100 hours on this game. And that, with only 60 bucks.

    However, the storyboards releases yesterday by rockstar, there is one where we can read . You can update it online’, or something like that. I hope rockstar didn’t make a micro transactions based game, where the best clothes, or weapons, or vehicles, etc, will smell like $.

    • ChazzH69

      They have been looking into DLC more for this game. I would expect to see some clothing & customization DLC, vehicle DLC and the story driven DLC.

      Either way, I can’t wait for it.

      • mike

        Sure, I’m OK for paying, the game is going to be a pure marvel, maybe game of decade,
        But I prefer paying like 20$ and have all the extra stuff, weapons, clothes,etc, than having a popup every 2 minutes, asking me to pay 0.10$ for a T-shirt, then another 0.10$ for a colt, etc etc. Make me pay ONCE, but give me everything in one time, instead of spending 10 hours with micro transactions. I hope : no micro transactions.

  • Dan

    It’s not the pictures they don’t want you to see! They are only thumbnails for links to a page. If they didnt want you to see them, they wouldn’t put the black and white version there. And let’s be honest, you haven’t been through any code because they are uploaded as black and white not covered up with it.

    • ChazzH69

      lol , firstly they are not what would be described as a thumbnail. If Rockstar wanted us to see the pictures now, they would have shown the pictures as I have, instead they are not only in black and white but darkened as well.

      I wouldn’t lie to you, I did go through the code, see the first comment.

      I changed the title of this page to better reflect its content as I sometimes forget how picky some people can be. Have a great day Dan, thanks for the comment.

      • Dan

        They are black and white Beause the content is not available to see yet, nothing more. They don’t care if you see the black and white version or the colour version.

        • ChazzH69

          They are black and white Because the content is NOT available to see yet. Finally, you understand.

          • Dan

            What? That’s what I said in the first place! And if you are being sarcastic then you are just emphasising your stupidity.

          • ChazzH69

            Last reply now as this is getting tedious. That is NOT what you wrote.
            I hope you can clearly see both images here, one is the image on Rockstar’s site, the other is from this post. They are different.

            I sincerely hope you have a nice day and don’t forget to check back on the site for more news on Grand Theft Auto V.

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